Cat Of The Week: Betty The Salon Cat, Babar Hair, Melbourne, Australia

Cat Of The Week: Betty The Salon Cat, Babar Hair, Melbourne, Australia


This is a super smart move for a cat if ever we did see one! Working in a hair salon with a  supply of endless pats, and plenty of helpless human laps to lie in. What a purrfect match for a smootchy kitteh! 

Beautiful Betty was born 21st October 2010 and was dumped as a kitten. Luckily, her forever human came to her rescue and she was adopted by Chris Guglielmi, owner of Babar Hair, in Carlton North, Melbourne. Since day one of the salon opening Betty has accompanied Chris to work to undertake her role as chief lap warmer. If Betty is not with a client, she’s often sitting at the front window watching the world go by and bringing in new customers with her dashing good looks.  Many children, adults and dogs all stop to say hello.


Betty is super affectionate, and not afraid to supervise all hair procedures, including washing. Most clients greet her before they greet the staff! People bring her toys, and treats (she's not allowed too many treats though!). Customers travel far and wide to see her and she's good at distracting people from their phones, unless it’s for a quick selfie with her!  Betty loves sitting on people, falling asleep and purring on them.

If customers are extra lucky, they might receive a Betty kiss!! 



Babar Hair is located at 635 Nicholson Street Carlton North Melbourne, Australia

To make a booking call: (03) 9078 1373

Betty writes her own blog, and can be followed on Instagram here. 

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