Meet D'Argo, Morada, Muffin, Flacco and Tiger, Casa Morada, Isla Morada, Florida, USA

Meet D'Argo, Morada, Muffin, Flacco and Tiger, Casa Morada, Isla Morada, Florida, USA


Goodness me! We might not ever leave Casa Morada in Florida if we visited. Five cats, snorkelling and yoga is our idea of the purrfect holiday. The beautiful hotel has a history of resident cats, adopting six in the early days as an eco-friendly way of keeping the rodent population down. Some of the originals passed due to old age, but three of the first gang remain, Muffin, Flacco and Tiger, with another two additions, Morada and D'Argo!    

Beautiful Muffin (our midnight cover girl above) is an older kitty (9 years+). She can usually be found hanging out by the office waiting for her best friend Flacco to show up. She is deaf, so is startled easily. She loves to be brushed and to get head scratches, and the staff of Casa Morada are keeping her as comfortable as she can be. Lucky Muffin!

Flacco, Muffin's best friend is a bit camera shy with allergies at the moment so we don't have a photo of him to share. He is known to meow and scream for food and pawtrol the premises with Muffin and is slllooowwwwlyyyy becoming confident in office operations. 


Tiger. above,  is on garden pawtrol. He's is usually found on the island in the garden with frequent side trips to the office to be fed and check that the staff are not slacking off his with loud meows. He likes to roam around the property with his partner in crime Miss Morada (one of the newer cats). Tiger can often be found flirting with guests and demanding belly pats, but is known to change his mind at the last minute. 


After spying the good life of the other residents, Morada (above), a beautiful Maine Coon appeared one night and moved straight in. Despite attempts, her owners were never found. She was extremely skinny when she arrived but is the picture of beauty now. She has quickly adapted to hotel life and loves to get carried around. 


Dargo, above, had a second life chance too thanks to Casa Morada!  He was found by a dumpster as a kitten and fed by one of the staff members. Eventually he followed her back to the hotel and never left. He is adventurous and is often on meet and greet duty in the reception area, and is likely to be the first cat you'll meet. 


Casa Morada is an upscale sixteen suite privately owned hotel inspired by the Caribbean, with each room offering spectacular views of Isla Morada. Rooms feature king size beds, and some private terraces or a spa.  The atmosphere is peaceful, tropical and serene with landscaped gardens and a spectacular private island. The island is accessed by a dramatic footbridge and features a fresh water pool, secluded cabana and the Sunset Gazebo bar with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. It is the perfect place to relax, with onsite activities on offer such as yoga, meditation and massage. Yes please! 



Isla Morada is just 20 miles long and is a collection of islands located in Florida Keys. There's plenty to see in this little part of the world for water and nature enthusiasts. Paddle-board, take an eco-tour, dive or snorkel nearby coral reefs, trace 3,000 years of diving at the Florida Keys History of Diving Museum, or spend your time by the pool with your nose in a good book! 


Casa Morada is located at 136 Madeira Road Islamorada, FL 33036. Rooms start at $450AUD a night. Please check the current rates and specials via their website.  Local: +1 (305) 664-0044 Toll Free: +1 (888) 881-3030

Images and information thanks to Casa Morada. 


Casa Morada, Florida, USA

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