The Cat Cuddle Café , Brisbane, Australia

The Cat Cuddle Café , Brisbane, Australia


Welcome to a little cat cafe that is making a big difference to many furry lives in Australia! The Cat Cuddle Café in Brisbane is Australia's first cat café that is run by a rescue organisation - with all profits from the cafe going to a local rescue and rehoming program. (We love rescue and rehoming here at Hotels With Cats!, if only more hotels would adopt a kitty!)


In creating The Cat Cuddle Café the Pussies Galore Rescue team made the purrrfect environment for cat lovers and a range of special events to enjoy, from cat yoga to creating valentines cards with your feline friends! The cats are all up for adoption through a very  strict process which ensures these babies can find their forever homes!  Whether you want to adopt or not: the cafe "Cuddle Stars" would love you to visit for an afternoon of smooching in their spacious cat room and garden! 

The cafe hosts a catified gift shop with many unique gifts (including our earrings very soon!) with all proceeds going straight back to the rescue and rehoming program. Before your visit, you can check out who is in residence online

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"We knew it would make it hard to find them a home, but we decided from the beginning that Aurora and Orion need to stay together.  It is rare to see Orion without Aurora close by. They are best friends and have very similar natures.  They are both very sweet, playful, love cuddles and having their bellies rubbed.

They look very similar and as they run past it can be very hard to tell who is who. Aurora is the dare devil of the litter was the first one to work out how to get up onto the window ledges, it took her a bit longer to work out how to get down! She loves heights and is often scaling the bookcases to get the best vantage point.

Shortly after coming into foster care Aurora, Orion and their space cat siblings came down with calicivirus, a strain of cat flu, which prevented them from being in the cafe. After some care, they are all better and are some of the healthiest, happiest and sweetest kittens you ever hope to meet.

Shortly after becoming available for adoption, Aurora and Orion were adopted by a loving family. When the family realised that there was only one kitten left in forster care, little Galileo, they decided to take him home as well!

Aurora, Orion and Galileo became the Cat Cuddle Cafes first triple adoption story"


The Cat Cuddle Café is located at:
160 Musgrave Road, Red Hill  please pre book your visit online at 

Entry to visit the cat room and garden is $12 and drinks are $3.50 to $6.50

Vegan and gluten friendly treats are available. 

Stay in touch via the Cat Cuddle Cafe Facebook Page for events! 

Images and information courtesy of Cat Cuddle Cafe. 

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