Le Comptoir Des Chats, Cafe, Bordeaux, France

Le Comptoir Des Chats, Cafe, Bordeaux, France


Louis and Christine are cat people from way back. You can tell this as soon as you walk through the door of Le Comptoir Des Chats in Bordeaux, their cat cafe in the centre of town. The couple grew up with cats in their life, and had a dream to open a beautiful space for cat lovers to connect in Bordeaux. And this they did! Unlike some other cafes, (which can feel a bit weird), Le Comptoir Des Chats is beautiful and homely, full of hiding holes, earthy cat shelves, cushions and a running wheel for the active ones (all beautifully made by Louis!). The design puts the cat at the centre of the action to be around people if they want, or sleep and chill out on their own. 


"We wanted the space to be warm and inviting with really good food", says Christine.  While creating the cafe, Christine and Louis had all 10 cats, plus her four at home. She speaks about them like they are her family, ensuring she spends quality time with them after the cafe closes. It does indeed feel like an extension of Christine's home, where she has invited you to spend time with her cats. What Christine has loved to watch in the ten months since opening is cat lovers connecting with each other as well as the cats. "People come here and relax and share stories about their own cats, which is nice", she says.  

As much love and care has been put into the organic menu as into the design of the cafe. The menu includes hot chocolate and smoothies, goats cheese or salmon and ricotta pies, and a range of tea from one of the oldest tea houses in France. 



There's 10 fluffy happy resident cats waiting to meet you, who seem to get along together, perhaps as a result of living with Christine! Meet Marlow, Mina, Garfield, Twiggy, Ben, Mignon, Lily, Molly, Moira and Miss Tigrise. The cats are mix of rescue and bred British shorthair. I particularly fell in love with Mina, who was snuggling above me while I had my hot chocolate, and Lily, pictured below, whom I spent some time playing with in the garden. Look at those green eyes! 


But perhaps the main cattraction of the cafe is Mignon, the maine coon! Sleeping in an unassuming position on a shelf, we didn't really know how big this boy was, until he woke up! Like a lion! 



Besides visiting Les Comptoir Des Chats, Bordeaux is a must on any trip to France. The city is brimming with restaurants, shops, museums and great hotels. Rail links are available to major cities all over France. World class wine regions are just a stones throw away. 


Meet Christine, Mina, Mignon and new Le Comptoir Des Chats friends at: 8 rue Pierre de Coubertin bordeaux Bordeaux, France 33000.

Open from 12.30pm to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

Image credit: James Mills

We were kindly given hot chocolate and many pats during our visit. 

Le Comptoir De Chats

Le Comptoir De Chats

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