Meet Oreo, The Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins, Colorado, North America

Meet Oreo, The Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins, Colorado, North America


Meet Oreo at The Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins, Colorado! With majestic green eyes and a hankering to dress up in fancy scarves, Oreo is one of the oldest hotel cats around. The thirteen year old girl cottoned onto the fact early in life that living at The Armstrong Hotel would ensue in endless pats and photo shoots. Smart kitty. She was right. 

This lovely lady has been the hotel's ambassador since she was a kitten, and has gracefully welcomed each guest to The Armstrong as part of her resident cat duties. Her favourite spot in the hotel is at the front desk where she can watch the day's coming and goings and gives sightseeing advice to guests in the form of a head bump or a loud purr. She adores creamer (and usually finds guests who are willing to share theirs - again, a bonus of being a hotel cat). Oreo loves nothing more than a good nap on the lobby's back couch. We think Oreo deserves all the naps in the world for all her hard work! 



The Armstrong Hotel opened it's doors all the way back in 1923 as the tallest building in town. The Armstrong has since changed hands over the years but has always maintained its historical charm. The property boasts 45 rooms and suites in a vintage or modern style, and offers complimentary cruiser bikes for convenience for guests wanting to explore the sights in Fort Collins. Coffee shops, jazz bars and shopping are right on the doorstep! 



If you love beer and outdoor activities (who doesn't?), there's many a reason to visit Fort Collins (aside from meeting Oreo).  Try some craft beer at one of the twenty or so unique breweries. Grab a bike and cycle, or,  venture further afield and put your hiking shoes on to explore the green open spaces of Colorado such as the Cache la Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir.


The Armstrong Hotel is located at 259 S. College Ave  Fort Collins, CO (+1 970-484-3883). Prices start at $189 USD. Check the current deals and rates for this property via their website. You can also booking this property at Booking.Com by clicking here. Image credit The Armstrong Hotel. 


The Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins, Colorado

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