Meet Armando, Hotel Luna Mystica, Taos, New Mexico, USA

Meet Armando, Hotel Luna Mystica, Taos, New Mexico, USA


11 month old Armando lives at one of the coolest properties we've found, Hotel Luna Mystica, a vintage trailer park in Taos, New Mexico!  On his pawtrol duties, Armando includes all the beautifully restored trailers and the next door brewery, Taos Mesa Brewing, in his rounds. He used to get thrown out of the brewery, but his friendly nature soon won them over and it's not uncommon to walk in and find him stretched out on someones lap or sleeping on the couch back stage in the green room. He struts in and claims a chair amid all the crowds, and has even raided the VIP tents at festivals!


Armando is the kind of cat you can pick up and squeeze. He loves children and anytime a family checks in he always says hello and is sure to visit their trailer to ensure everything is in order. He was adopted from the local pound with his brother, Snickers, who sadly went missing. These days he teams up with his best friend Logan, the resident border collie.  Known for demanding attention, Armando struts around like he owns the place and is not afraid to sit next to strangers.  "He lets everyone pet him. He's just an all around hilarious cat to watch", says Tristan from Hotel Luna Mystica.

Stopping in for a cuddle with Armando and a beer is definitely a must on your USA road trip! 



Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel and starlight campground in the vast Mesa of Taos, one of the most mystical locations on the planet. The property has 12 lovingly restored unique vintage trailers, each equipped with twin or double beds, and their own deck, bathroom and kitchen facilities. But our description does not do it justice, check out some of the images below. Each camper is from 1950-1973 and they are all so different, we would have  a hard time choosing which one to stay in! 

As well as the 12 vintage trailers, you can also bring your own RV or camp in the campsite for $10 per night! Taos Brewing Company, is a hop, skip and a jump away, right next door, the perfect place to chill after a days adventures.  


New Mexico offers plenty of adventures for the outdoor folk. Ski or snowboard nearby Taos Valley in the winter, in the summer  discover hot springs and explore The Rio Del Monde National Monument by biking, trekking or climbing.  Armando will be waiting for you with a cold beer! 


Hotel Luna Mystica is located at 25 ABC Mesa Rd, Taos, NM 87529

Rates start around $70 USD per night for a trailer. Specials are on offer for multiple night stays.  Book directly with the property via their website. 

Email: reservations@hotelluna­ 

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Beautiful images with thanks to our friends at Hotel Luna Mystica. 

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