Meet Birney The Superintendent, Bendigo Tramways, Bendigo, Australia

Meet Birney The Superintendent, Bendigo Tramways, Bendigo, Australia


This beautiful ginger boy Birney the cat joined the Bendigo Tramways team in 2014. He is a rescue cat who wandered into a neighbours place, and his owners were never found. Birney now calls the Bendigo Tramways Depot home. Birney's job was initially to catch mice, but he has recently taken on more responsibility as the role of Tramways Superintendent. When Birney isn't busy napping he has very important pawtrolling duties, keeping an eye on Bendigo’s fleet of historic trams, greeting visitors to the depot and of course posing for photographs.

Birney the cat in front of Birney Tram No 302.jpg

Birney leaves such an impression on visitors that he regularly receives postcards, Christmas cards and presents in the mail and he recently hosted his 4th birthday party aboard a tram, inviting local children and their parents to help him celebrate! Birney's iconic status was cemented when he had a children's book published about him, The cat who loved trams. You can find the book, along with a range of other gifts featuring Birney (including bags, purses, stickers and mugs) within the Bendigo Tramways Gift Shop.


Bendigo Tramways has been in operation since 1890. After the closure of the tram system in the early 1970's, locals fought to maintain the historic site.  No other Australian city which closed its tramway system left track, trams and a depot behind in the manner that Bendigo did and this enables them to create a picture of the past for visitors, which today attracts over 40,000 people per year. Whether enjoying a Vintage Talking Tram Tour or taking a guided Depot and Workshop tour, a visit to Bendigo Tramways drives home the significance of how Bendigo has developed as a city, and the role Bendigo Tramways has played in that development.

Also, did you know that Birney is named after a type of Tram?


Bendigo Tramways is located at: 
Address: 1 Tramways Avenue, 
Bendigo VIC 3550
Phone: (03) 5442 2821

Images thanks to Bendigo Tramways and Birney for being such a good meowdel. 

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