Meet Katrina, Hotel Maison De Ville, New Orleans, America

Meet Katrina, Hotel Maison De Ville, New Orleans, America


Whether she’s greeting guests at the door on a Friday night, or joining them for breakfast in the courtyard on Sunday morning, Ms. Katrina always likes to keep a tab on who is staying with at the Hotel Maison de Ville, the late 18th century home in New Orleans which was converted to a hotel in the 1940's. Lovely Katrina is four years old, after moving in from next door as a kitten. She's the first lady in residence at this unique property. 

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As curious as she is mischievous,  peaches and cream Katrina, or "Trina' for short likes to be around people but stay out of the spotlight. She can often be found hiding in corners and underneath furniture, only announcing her presence with a soft little “meow”. Her favorite activities are lying in the sun and sheepishly seeking human affection.  Every now and then, she likes to jump on the window sill and watch the hustle and bustle of New Orleans’ French Quarter, much to the amusement of people watching on the street.



Located in the very heart of the French Quarter, Hotel Maison de Ville boasts a unique mixture of antique nostalgia and modern flair. Nestled between  Bourbon Street and Royal Street, just two blocks from Jackson Square, guests can’t help but feel transported to a bygone era of classic Jazz and a hot New Orleans’ summer. Each of the eleven rooms on the property are entirely unique; with every space having a personality. While some of the rooms have balconies overlooking the endless excitement of the Vieux Carre, others open onto a private courtyard. 


After its conversion to a hotel in the 20th century, Tennessee Williams famously stayed on the property while writing his landmark play, A Streetcar Named Desire.  Guests can stay in the same room he stayed in, which has been furnished into a beautiful suite. 


Round the clock nightlife, world class food and the bright coloured buildings of the historic French Quarter are some of the reasons to stop by New Orleans. See some jazz, get spooked on a ghost tour or visit the WWII museum. Oh and did we mention the food?


The Hotel Maison de Ville is located at 727 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70130.  Seasonal rates vary, but can be found via their website, or by contacting the Front Desk at 504-324-4888.

Images and information thanks to Hotel Maison De Ville. 

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Hotel Maison De Ville, New Orleans

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