Our Mission Grows!

Our Mission Grows!

At first I wanted this website to be a simple travel website. Clean, tidy, with no heartfelt messages from me. But it soon became apparent that it was not going to be possible for me to write about cats in that way. As I delved deep into the Instagram #hotelcat tag and searched high and low on the interweb, I found so many cats who have been rescued into a life of luxury and I think we can do more as a community of cat lovers than just look at cute cats! 

And so I've expanded the mission of Hotels With Cats in recent weeks. 

Hotels With Cats will raise the profile of rescue cats around the world and support the businesses that ❤️️ them.  

We will do this by:

  • sharing Hotels With Cats and other likeminded businesses that promote the wellbeing of cats to our awesome community and, 

  • develop products that can be sold wholesale or online, to support rescue and neuter efforts across the globe. 

Since launching this project, I've come across two groups of people who are doing a lot for our furry friends with very little help. These organisations are Santorini Cats (based in Santorini) and Paws & Paws in North Bali. I will detail more on these amazing causes later on. And with this in mind we have a few exciting announcements to make to our community! 

1. Our store is open!

We've started our online store in recent days, with our beautiful hand made in Australia earrings and hair clips with our logo. Order meow! 

2. We have launched our Patreon Page!

If you haven't heard of Patreon, it is a way that people can support creatives to ummmm, create. I have a 'proper' job and this website costs me some coin while I build up our community into the cat loving power house that I believe it will be. I'm dreaming of a Hotels With Cats travel magazine, water colour postcards, and cat toys, all to support our feline friends! All your support will go to the development of products, and I'll look continue to look after me. 

Visit our Patreon Page and you can support for as little as $1 a month, or chose between kitteh and fat cat size reward packages for the price of a cup or two of coffee. 

3. We have our first stockist, The Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane!


Soon our earrings and hair clips will be on the shelves in this lovely cafe in Brisbane. 

Finally if you love what you see, please visit for new content, share our posts, follow us on Instagram and always, always tag us on your cat finding holidays @hotelswithcats #hotelswithcats!

Yours in cat ❤️️


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We help you find cats wherever you are while showing the world that kindness to cats is good for business.

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Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy

Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy

The Cat Cuddle Café , Brisbane, Australia

The Cat Cuddle Café , Brisbane, Australia