Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy

Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy


Vegan food, cats and Rome is pretty much the trifecta of ALL THE LOVELY THINGS WE ADORE here at Hotels With Cats and Romeow Cat Bistrot has it all! Tucked away in an unassuming street in Rome is Romeow, a hip, stylish, vegan cafe that happens to be home to many beautiful cats: Romeo, Maos, Nino, Frida, Lamu and Iri. All were adopted from a local sanctuary to become resident cats at this beautiful bistro. Lucky things indeed! And that's exactly what it feels like when you walk through the doors, as if you have been invited into a home for a meal, and cats just happen to live there. 


The design of the dining area is immaculate for foodies and it's clear that the kitties wellbeing is in mind. There's hiding holes, rooftop walkways, an outside spy space and a beautiful cat tree (which is indeed an actual tree!). You could walk in and think this was a normal bistro, until you turn around and spy a cat in a box, or a basket hanging over your head. (Serious apartment goals!) 

We even found cousin of our Sasha from pawquarters, sleeping on the chair!

We even found cousin of our Sasha from pawquarters, sleeping on the chair!

Upstairs features a comfortable lounge area with quirky vintage furniture and books (about cats or course!), a purrfect place to relax from the hustle of Rome and connect with cat lovers from around the world while sampling the extensive vegan menu.


This isn't a place to come if you're after some heavy petting, or to throw balls around the floor (excuse the pun). It's probably also not suitable for young children unless they are very self-controlled, as the ethos here is to let the cats come to you. If you love cats and design you will absolutely love this cafe: a beautiful setting to have a fabulous vegan meal in Rome in the presence of cats. 


Romeow Cat Bistrot is located at Via Francesco Negri, 15, 00154 Roma RM, Italy. 

Bookings are essential via their website. 

Double your cat fun and team this with a visit to Torre Argentina Sanctuary! 

Images by James Mills. 


Romeow Cat Bistrot

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