Villa Kitty, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Villa Kitty, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


A visit to Bali must include a visit to Villa Kitty in Ubud. If you've ever been to Bali, (or if you do one day), you might notice that the islands beauty and smiles can be overshadowed by the many sad looking stray cat and dogs roaming the streets. Many Balinese live day to day and are focused on feeding their families. Cats and dogs are seen as pests and there's limited education and access to sterilisation. Kittens and puppies are often taken away from their mothers and dumped in traffic or in the rubbish bins and the current situation is a very sad one indeed. But there's some light in the darkness, and ways that you can support the animals of Bali during your travels. We are not just cat crazy here at Hotels With Cats and are lovers of all animals so do check out BAWA, for their amazing work with Bali dogs. But now, onto the amazing and tireless work of Villa Kitty. 

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Set in an unassuming house in the back of Ubud, Villa Kitty is a haven for the stray and abandoned cats of Bali. The team, led by Elizabeth Henzell founder, works hard to save the life of every little cat and kitten that crosses through their doors. In addition to offering them safe and comfortable shelter and a home, (for life if they need it), they provide, veterinary care and advice, a sterilisation program, responsible cat adoption service, education program to promote responsible cat ownership in the balinese community and love and rehabilitation.  Every cat and kitten is given a name, even if they are only there for a few days. 

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Villa Kitty began as the โ€œcats and kittens sectionโ€ in a dog shelter when Elizabeth was asked to care for three tiny kittens. Many more quickly followed and she found herself, by chance looking after too many cats that she could handle on her own. Thankfully, a close friend of Elizabeths, Robert Elliot, has been the major sponsor since the first days. He generously paid staff wages, in addition to the necessary equipment, food and medication for the cats and kittens. From the first days of just three caretakers, two vet assistants, Kadek and Jopi, and Elizabeth, Villa Kitty has grown to twenty three staff!


The Villa Kitty veterinarian team is led by one of Baliโ€™s most respected vet surgeons, Drh Karnata, with Drh Isa and Drh Sinta caring for all the sheltered cats and kittens and seven vet assistance who cover 24 hour shifts. Villa Kitty looks after around 130 cat and kittens at a time and is working tirelessly to adopt the cats out to responsible people. Sadly this is a much slower process than the number of kittens arriving each day. During our visit, I was astounded at how clean Villa Kitty was, and how much care is taken to avoid infection and illness. Also of course, how lovely all the cats are and how well they get along with each other! You can read more about the history of Villa Kitty here. 


Villa Kitty welcomes donations of time as well as funds. Visitors to Bali are encouraged to bring much needed supplies and donate their holiday time for cuddles and love. We spent a day at Villa Kitty cuddling some of the longer term residents (below) and I can guarantee you will be rewarded with purrs and love. Before travelling to Bali, please get in touch with the Villa Kitty Team on the email below, to see what you can bring.  

Villa Kitty Bali is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday 10.30am to 4pm. If you can visit on a Sunday, supporters can join the Villa Kitty team for lunch under the tree.  If you're staying in Bali for a while, do consider fostering, or adopting one of these lovely cats. If you can't visit Bali, you can support this amazing cause from afar by donating as much as you can. Every amount counts. Details here. 

Villa Kitty is located at Jl. Ambarwati No.1 No.320, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Email: or or

Follow the Villa Kitty Facebook Page. 

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