Ashleigh. Editor. 

Professional cat stalker. Traveller. Writer. Likes cats (duh), coffee and occasional pink hair. Dislikes people who don't like animals. Can be found wrangling cats in her home or on the street. 


James. Cat Person In Denial (CPID). 

Husband to cat lady.  Fashion and travel photographer. Sometimes cat photographer. Likes jumping off high things, adventure and snuggling ginger cats. Can be found reluctantly taking photos of cats. 

Piper. Food Critic. 

Likes avocado, blueberries and licking lambswool. Dislikes loud noises. Is often located on the window sill. 

Sasha. Bed Tester. 

Likes sleeping and grooming self (minus furballs). Prefers approximately two-and- three-quarters belleh rubs. Dislikes everyone. Can be found sleeping on dark items of clothing.