Hotels With Cats is a beautiful niche travel directory and magazine for cat lovers, who come to us to find … you guessed it….hotels with resident cats around the world!   We feature Hotels With Resident Cats, the odd cat cafe, sanctuaries and shops so that cat lovers can find cats wherever they go. Through highlighting the value of resident cats around the world, we are on a mission to show that kindness to cats is good for business. 

We launched our website in September 2017 and the  first edition of our bespoke annual magazine in September 2018. Our magazine has a high repeated readership as it is stocked in 15 of our partnered hotels around the world, and sold directly in sanctuaries and shops to cat lovers in Greece, Italy, Bali and Australia to date. We have a small but growing highly engaged organic community that is growing every day. Through the Hotels With Cats brand, you have the opportunity to reach our community of 25 000+ cat lovers who love Hotels With Cats!


Our Community

at November 2018.

Instagram: 1,800

Facebook: 12, 425

Website: 2, 000 unique visitors per month

Subscribers: 450

Annual Magazine (2018-19 Edition)

10,000 global readers

If you manage a hotel with resident cat (one that's really part of the furniture), a cafe, shop cat or sanctuary that would love to be included on our website and considered for future magazine editions then we would love to hear from you. 

* A little note on cat cafes. We love them! But we can’t list them all.

Priority will be given to cat cafes which are in the locality of our hotel cats or major cities (check out our list here), those that are uniquely designed with animal welfare in mind, and who wish to stock our products. (We are also not opposed to featuring the odd cafe or pub cat, by the way.)


Want to stock our products? Our magazine and postcards are available wholesale for your hotel, gift shop, sanctuary or cafe. Get in touch for a sample! We can donate a small number each year and also offer a huge reduction for fundraising activities.