Are you interested in cat business?

We help people find cats wherever they are. 

Hotels With Cats is quirky and beautiful website for cat loving travellers, who come to us find cats wherever they are.  We feature Hotels With Resident Cats, Cat Cafes and Sanctuaries on our mission to help rescue cats worldwide. 

(We're not opposed to meeting the odd shop or pub cat either.)

We launched our website in September 2017.

Our community is over 12,000 strong on social media and growing daily.  If you manage a hotel with resident cat (one that's really part of the furniture), a cafe, shop cat or sanctuary that would love to be included in our directory then we would love to hear from you.  

By the way, we know there's soooo many cat cafes, springing up around the world which we think is pawesome but we're sorry we can't list them all. Priority will be given to cat cafes which are in the locality of our hotel cats or major cities, those that are uniquely designed with animal welfare in mind, and who wish to stock our meowchandise (coming soon!).